What Should I Do If I Get Contacted By The Oklahoma City Truck Driver’s Insurance Company?

Truck Accidents What Should I Do If I Get Contacted By The Oklahoma City Truck Driver’s Insurance Company?

According to the State of Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, more than 5500 crashes involving large trucks occurred on Oklahoma roads in 2017. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a large truck, you know it’s a traumatic experience. After such a harrowing incident, you want closure and you may take solace in the thought that both insurance companies involved will take care of you.

However, Mike Wyatt, truck injury attorney at Mann, Wyatt & Rice Injury Attorneys, warns that if you’re contacted by the insurance company of the trucking company or truck driver after an accident, they are not your friend or an advocate for you. “They’re not going to try to protect your rights,” Wyatt said. “In fact, it’s very much the opposite.”

When one of these insurance companies contacts you, they may say they need to document what occurred. But Wyatt explains, what they’re actually looking for is any way to diminish their responsibility in the crash and ultimately diminish the damages you can claim. With that in mind, you should keep your guard up when you speak with them or avoid speaking with them altogether.

“These insurance companies will most definitely use what you say against you if they can,” Wyatt said. “We advise our clients not to speak with the opposing insurance company unless one of our attorneys is present to protect your rights.”

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If you’re in an accident involving a large truck, contacting an attorney is your best chance of receiving the compensation you deserve. The truck injury attorneys at Mann, Wyatt & Rice have decades of combined experience dealing with insurance companies to maximize your settlement.

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